Sepoy MutinyWhile British historians called it the Sepoy Mutiny, Indian historians named it the Revolt of 1857 or the First War of Indian Independence.Hope it h… It began on 10 May 1857 at Meerut, as a mutiny of sepoys of the British East India Company's army. ‘mutiny’ a part of a larger ‘revolt’, hinting to the popular nature of this uprising.
The revolt of 1857 began on May 10, 1857, at Meerut as sepoy mutiny. Important incidents that occurred in the Sepoy Mutiny in the Revolt of 1857. What they call 'Sepoy mutiny' of 1857 is named 'First War of Indian Independence'. The Sepoy units from the South were loyal to the Company. On May 10, they marched to Delhi. Sepoys in the Presidency of Bengal revolted against their British officers. Apart from this there were more Indian troops who were against the Company. The Indian sepoys in Meerut murdered their British officers and broke open the jail. Savarkar called the revolt of 1857 the first war of Indian independence.
Answer: Ashok Meta *11. Nature of the Revolt of 1857 ‘Sepoy Mutiny’ to some British historians—“a wholly unpatriotic and selfish Sepoy Mutiny with no native leadership and no popular support”, said Sir John Seeley. The British wherever they went raised an army of the locals (natives), trained them under their command. 9. Who called 1857 Revolt as "neither first nor national war of Independence" ? It is also known by other names: the Indian Mutiny, the Indian Rebellion of 1857, or the Indian Revolt of 1857. The Indian sepoys in Meerut murdered their British officers and broke open the jail. THE REVOLT OF 1857 INTRODUCTION The revolt of 1857 forms one of the most important chapters in the history of the struggle of the Indian people for liberation from the British rule. So they did it too in Noerthern India where a soldier is a 'Sipahee' in Hindustani (Hindi if written in Devnagri script or Urdu if written in an Arabic like - right to left - script). Indian Mutiny, widespread but unsuccessful rebellion begun in 1857 against British rule in India. There were a few incidents which took place during this revolt which were very important. Read to know more about the Revolt of 1857 in this article. The Indian revolt in 1857 is often called the Sepoy Mutiny. The mutiny, that is, rebellion was an unsuccessful revolt.

But the ones in the north and Bengal army were against them. Some say that the Revolt of 1857 was just a mutiny initiated by the Indian Sepoys and hence the name Sepoy Mutiny.The soldiers were discriminated on the basis of racism and were paid low salary. Answer: meerut The Sepoy Mutiny was a violent and very bloody uprising against British rule in India in 1857.

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