Actress Marj Dusay played Kara in the Star Trek: The Original Series third season episode "Spock's Brain".

Dusay’s death was revealed by her stepdaughter Elizabeth Perine in a Facebook post. When the third season of Star Trek: The Original Series came around Before her Star Trek career, Marj Dusay worked alongside the King himself, Elvis Presley in the movie Clambake. Fair enough. However, if, like me, you enjoy spotting the appearances of master stuntman Dave Sharpe, he's in two third season STAR TREKs. Ms. Dusay, known for her sharp wit, sophistication, AND BEAUTY, had a long career in the public eye that began with modeling work in her native Kansas. Her stepdaughter Elizabeth Perine confirmed the news, explaining that Marj "passed away peacefully" in her sleep on Tuesday. She was 83. In "Day of the Dove," in the swordfighting scenes, he's the red-shirted security man who looks noticeably older than the other red-shirted security men, and he's the one whose stupid pointed sideburns look pasted on. Marj Dusay, actress and grande dame of life, died peacefully of natural causes on January 28 at her home in Manhattan. Born 20th Febuary 1936 she has stared in a number of other films and TV shows including Wild Wild West, Bonaza, Hawaii Five-0, Hogan's Heros, The Bionic … "Star Trek: The Original Series" Spock's Brain (TV Episode 1968) Marj Dusay as Kara This was swiftly followed by roles in the classic series Hogan’s Heroes and Hawaii Five-O. La actriz estadounidense Marj Dusay, quien interpretó a una alienígena que le robó el cerebro a “Spock” en la serie de televisión “Star Trek”, falleció a los 8

Marj Dusay, a veteran soap opera actress who most notably carved a name for herself in "Star Trek," has died at 83. Marj Dusay, who is best known for his appearance in Star Trek: The Original Series and for starring in several daytime soap operas, has passed away. She was 83.