The embryos hatch, becoming alevins, or yolk-sac fry, and live off the yolk-sack on their undersides. Entertainment includes live salmon demonstrations, music, interactive children’s activities, food and educational exhibits. Eggs are deposited in a redd, or gravel nest, that the female salmon has made. Dead salmon after spawning These lagoons, connected to the River Tees, provide a quiet backwater for fish to spawn and to take refuge in times of high water levels In the middle of this weir is a fish ladder, which allows trout and salmon to pass the weir to go upriver to spawn. Spawning sockeye salmon. Salmon Come Home Celebrate the return of the salmon during the salmon run at this free family event each October at Hoy Creek Fish Hatchery.

For most species, spawning is the final act before dying. Salmon spawning is one of the most incredible natural events in the world and is referred to as a salmon run. The annual run is a major source of food for a variety of animals including bears, bald eagles, river otters, seals, and of course fishermen. Where does spawning fit into the salmon's life cycle? Salmon Spawning.