Contact us for a quote on Vinyl Record Pressing or Jacket printing . The actual dimension of a 12 inch record is 302 mm (11.89 in), for a 10 inch it is 250 mm (9.84 in), and for a 7 inch it is 175 mm (6.89 in). Vinyl record sizes differ based on how much music is stored on the surface of the disk. BLEED REQUIRED! Pretty much all phonograph records are made from vinyl nowadays, but I believe styrene was mainly used for 7” records. Records come in a range of different flavors based on competition and consumer tastes. Single discs are physically smaller – usually 7 inch 45 RPM releases. Download templates for Vinyl Records. They are often part of audiophile pressings or special releases. Oh well, the damn metrick system again... RIAA standards nick named it 12". Figure 4, 45 RPM 7" Dimensions Figure 5, Optional interlocking serrations for 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records

View all records by Dimensions for sale on CDandLP in LP, CD, 12inch, 7inch format Most are either 7” or 12”, but some 10” records are made. At a certain point, records can become cramped with grooves and have to expand in size to accommodate the extra music play while maintaining the quality of … Durable, easy to assemble and simple in design, this record box will fit into any home’s décor. It's not.

Shellac records were pretty easily broken, and gave us the idiom: “sounds like a broken record”. Records come in three standard sizes: 7-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch. * for LPs (33rpm, 12″) it’s 7.3 mms (give or take), or 9/32″ * for EPs (45rpm, 7″) it’s 37mm or 1,46″, some get to 38.5mms or 1.5″ The most common sizes are seven, 10, and 12 inches in diameter, but size isn’t the only way to identify what kind of vinyl record you have. Your files must be in CMYK color mode. In all cases you must bleed your artwork 1/8" or 3mm past the trim lines. The number of grooves joining successive bands on a record shall not be less than 16 per inch. Records in the 78 rpm format were usually sold with 10 inch covers but are uncommon today. There are some examples of 45 RPM records in the 12” form factor. Vinyl record album covers are usually 12 inches by 12 inches for LP albums. While vinyl record albums usually include printed covers, most 45 RPM singles do not, as they were generally issued in plain paper sleeves. The Sefour VC030 is a great storage option for anyone with a modest vinyl collection and a tighter budget. Generally speaking, all of the records that you would see down in a local record store (or a Barnes and Noble) are 33 RPM, 12-inch releases. Shellac records are usually 78 rpm, which are typically 10” records. Vinyl Record Formats. For singles, covers of 7 inches are common because of the format's smaller size. It was not uncommon, however, for singles to be issued in special printed sleeves bearing the title of the song, the name of the artist and perhaps a graphic or photograph. It didn’t turn out to be a great material for records. The VC030 can hold about 60 records, so it works well for people who are just getting started or only have a small vinyl collection.

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