Ranjith Billa 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) ℗ 2012 Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Vali adhudhaan uyir pilaikkum. Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja Singer: Ranjith Unakkulle Mirugam thoongivida ninaikum ezhundhu adhu nadandhaal, aerimalaigal vedikum. Unnai Athu Vilungi. Lyrics for Unakkulle Mirugam by Yuvan Shankar Raja feat. Song: Unakkulle Mirugam Singer: Ranjith Movie: Billa 2 Lyrics : Na MuthuKumar. Udhaikaamal pandhu adhu ezhumbaadhu. Movie - Billa 2 Song - Unakkulle Mirugam Singer - Ranjith Music - Yuvan Shankar Raja Lyrics - Na.

Erimalaigal vedikum Male : Kanavugalai unavaai. K.G.

Kettu adhu thudikum. Ltd. Male : Unakkullae Mirugam. Udhaikkaamal Panthu Athu Ezhumbaathu. Undhan Kaiyil Kodukkum . Unakkulle mirugam thoongi vida ninaikkum Ezhunthu adhu nadanthaal erimalaigal vedikkum Kanavugalai unavaai kettu adhu thudikkum Unnai adhu vizhungi undhan kaiyil kodukkum Erikkaamal thaen adai kidaikkaadhu Udhaikkaamal panthu adhu ezhumbaathu ... Search Karaoke… Kanavugalai unavaai kaetu adhu thudikum Unnai adhu vilungi undhan kaiyil kodum. Undhan kaiyil kodum Male : Erikaamal thaen-adai kidaikaadhu. Thoongivida Ninaikkum. K.G. Unnai adhu vilungi.

Ezhundhu adhu nadandhaal.

Unakkulle Mirugam song Lyrics from Billa - 2 movie with English Translation. Kanavugalai unavaai kaetu adhu thudikum Unnai adhu vilungi undhan kaiyil kodum. Ezhundhu Athu Nadanthaal. Lyrics in English Translation. Ranjith.

Thoongivida ninaikum. Unakkulle Mirugam, Thoongivida NinaikkumEzhunthu Athu Nadanthaal, Erimalaigal VedikkumKanavugalai Unavaai Kaettu Athu ThudikkumUnnai Athu Vizhungi, Unthan Kayyil KodukkumErikaamal Thenadai KidaikaathuUthaikaamal Panthu Athu EzhumbaathuVali Athuthaan Uyirpizhaikkum, Ithuvarail Iyarkaiyin Vithi Ithuthaan Unakkulle Mirugam, Thoongivida … Erimalaigal Vedikkum . Kanavugalai Unavaai. Unakkulle Mirugam thoongivida ninaikum ezhundhu adhu nadandhaal, aerimalaigal vedikum. Unakkulle Mirugam. Aerikaamal thaen-adai kidaikaadhu Udhaikaamal pandhu adhu ezhumbaadhu Idhu varai iyarkayin vidhi idhuthaan.

Kettu Athu Thudikkum. Erikkaamal Thean Adai Kidaikkaathu. Vali Athuthaan Uyir Pilaikkum. Idhu Varaiyil Iyarkkaiyin Vidhi Idhuthaan .

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