Minor Admission Requirements. Theater Studies welcomes students at all levels of experience. This concentration serves students who are investigating the heritage of drama and theatre in any of the literature and language fields. You must keep a GPA of 2.0 or better in the upper division minor units. Things to know about your minor: All courses in the minor must be taken for a letter-grade. Theatre Studies Minor; Urban Studies; Water Science; Women's and Gender Studies; Writing and Applied Arts; Certificates; Preprofessional Programs; Course Descriptions; Faculty Members; Archived Catalogs The student seeking a minor must pass all courses completed for the minor with a grade of 'C' or better. With its unique focus on analysis, creativity and organization, the minor develops skills that are valuable in any endeavor. Jennifer Madden Visiting Instructor of Theatre, Public Speaking Liaison. Theater Studies Minor. Email: theatre@ucf.edu Lauren Becker, (407) 823-2862. Our students often combine a minor in theater studies with a major of a different discipline, such as psychology, art, anthropology, biology, English, history, economics, and so on. Dance Minor; Theatre Curriculum Guides; Theatre Major; Theatre Minor. Theater Minor. We accept minor applications at any time.

Stephanie Burlington Daniels Associate Professor of Theatre; Theatre and Dance Studies. Theatre Studies These are the course and credit requirements for a Minor Emphasis in Theatre Studies. The Minor in Screen Studies requires a minimum of 19 credits.

It draws upon the fields of cinema studies and humanities-based disciplines of media studies and media arts theory, while also encouraging students to approach screen cultures from neighboring disciplines, such as cultural studies, area studies, art history, or visual studies. Students can confirm their intention to minor in Dance & Performance Studies after enrolling in one course in the Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies. Colin McNamee Instructor/Technical Director. Email the following application materials to theatre@ucf.edu: A statement of why you want to become a Theatre Minor; A course history list (including grades) of theatre courses completed at UCF or any other university Courses used to satisfy requirements for the minor may apply toward a student's general education requirements but cannot be applied toward the major. The Theatre Studies minor offers students who have chosen to major in another discipline the opportunity to explore their interest in theatre. They have even combined their theater studies minor with a film and media studies major! Building on the foundation of occasional dance courses offered at Yale since the early 1980s, Theater Studies currently supports a wide-ranging program in dance studies. Theatre Arts and Studies Minor All courses for the minor here must be taken for letter grades and receive a grade of C- or higher. View the Theatre Studies Emphasis on the UW-Green Bay Catalog. Majors and minors develop a broad perspective by way of a core curriculum that engages them in all aspects of theater. Courses taken at another institution may not apply towards the minor without permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. Spanish and Latin American Studies; Theatre and Dance. Urban & Regional Planning (Minor) W. Western American Studies (Minor) World Dance (Minor) Of the 110 programs listed, any marked with asterisk (*) indicate limited enrollment. Theatre Studies Minor; Faculty. Theatre Arts Studies (Minor) Theoretical and Applied Ethics (Minor) Tourism Studies (Minor) Translation and Localization (Minor) U. The Minor in Theatre and Performance allows students in various fields in the arts and humanities to develop a supporting program in the Department of Theatre that will complement their graduate study.