Hey man, it is actually super easy to keep termites.

This is very unlikely in a properly maintained home. Termite Colonies for Sale. Just collect some workers (as much as you can), put them in a container with dirt (put dirt in first and then termites so you don't squish them), drop in a piece of wood (this will last a long time), and wait 6 months for one or some of the termites to turn into a queen and/or a king. This colony can already contain 1 or more queens or kings. The new nest site must provide near-perfect conditions for the new termite queen and king to survive. This phenomenal growth is largely due to distended ovaries and fat deposits inside her abdomen. Some ant queens also display physogastry, but I can’t think of any creature that rivals the termite queen, in terms of size to body ratio.

You don't even need a queen to start a colony. Raise your own Termite colony!

Termite queens can live 25 to 50 years, with peak egg production for up to 10 years. We call these royal termites the primary; they are usually recognizable by a slightly different pigment, they are often somewhat larger and sometimes have wings. The termite queen is one of the few creatures of the animal kingdom that demonstrate extreme physogastry or the expansion of the abdomen to an extreme size. Harvester Termite - black - Stage 1: A pair, male and female. When the queen dies and the pheromone she uses to block reproductives' development is no longer produced, a new queen will develop in the colony. Termite Colony(Reticulitermes grassei) Species. A queen termite has a long lifespan and is typically the oldest termite in the colony. Queen Termite Size. After the swarming, a male and a female worker will pair up and the soon-to-be termite queen will look for a place to make a nest. When the king or queen dies, new queens or kings follow this up automatically.