Super Mario Party tries to accomplish this with a new system of custom dice rolls unique to each character. If a character has a more unique or more effective Dice Roll they will rank higher within this list.

Further down we have some of the Best Partner Party Character Combos.

Super Mario Party has a bunch of characters for you to try out when playing against CPUs or friends. Super Mario Party features four unlockable characters, each with their own special Dice Block. The Super Mario Party Best Characters Tier List is based mostly on the Dice Rolls. Dry Bones has become a staple guest character in Mario Party and its Dice Block has a lot to offer.. On one hand, you have three 1s; on the other, three 6s. Super … A Reddit user going by the name of Trilerium has been super busy since the game's release, analysing each and every character's unique dice abilities to see who comes out on top. … C = Below Average.