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Number of Offspring 9. The Arizona Ridgenosed Rattlesnake is the Arizona state reptile. Gopher Snakes or Bullsnakes (Pituophis melanoleucus) are another of the very common snakes of the West with a small population that spills over into the Midwest. For information on this species, please see the following volume and pages in the Sonoran Herpetologist: 1988-91 Collected Papers:181-183. Distribution Southwest, Midwest, South. Juvenile whipsnakes consume insects, including crickets, locusts, and cicadas. The lack of side stripes on the posterior portion of this snake's body distinguishes it from the similar looking Striped Whipsnake which has side stripes running from neck to tail. non- venomous. The only snakes you'll find in Flagstaff are Terrestrial Gartersnake (off chance you'd find a Black-necked Gartersnake), Gopher Snake, Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake, Arizona Black Rattlesnake, and, maybe, a Striped Whipsnake...maybe a Ring-necked Snake, IDK. Striped Whipsnake Non-Venomous . Coachwhip non-venomous. Striped Whipsnakes (Masticophis taeniatus) range through most of the Southwest, and as far north as the Oregon border. Sonoran Shovel-Nosed Snake Mildly toxic saliva. This snake is an active hunter that finds its food by vision and scent trailing, although vision plays the larger role out of the two. Ring Necked Snake Mildly Venomous. Striped Whipsnake climbing a Cottonwood, Apache County, AZ. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Western Shovel-Nosed Snake Mildly toxic saliva. Chihuahuan … Notes.

Striped Whipsnake, Apache Co., AZ. Common Name Glossy Snake. (Bartlett and Tenant 2000). Arizona Glossy Snake Arizona elegans. Snakes of Arizona: Rosy Boa Non-venomous. It is a relatively small snake, with adults seldom exceeding 2’ in length. Rosy Boa Charina trivirgata. Aug 19, 2012 - This Pin was discovered by Harrison Koch. Family Solid Toothed & Rear Fanged. your own Pins on Pinterest Photographer. And, …
Three other important prey to the whipsnake are bird nestlings, bird eggs, and rodents. DONATE TODAY. North American Racer non-venomous . Photo by Jim Rorabaugh. Scientific Name Arizona elegans. It is one of three protected rattlesnake species in the state, due to limited range and collection by poachers.

The striped whipsnake eats amphibians, smaller snakes, and lizards. Glossy Snake Non-venomous . Facebook. Variable Sandsnake Mildly toxic saliva. Description. Photo Jim Rorabaugh . Here’s a close up of the face of a Striped Whipsnake. Venom Non-venomous. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM. Reproduction Eggs. Average Length 178cm.

Search … DISTRIBUTION: This snake is found in most of the sub-Mogollon Rim mountain ranges of south-central and southeastern Arizona at elevations ranging from 1,000' to about 7,000'.
Photo by Michael R. Spencer. Sonoran Whipsnake.

Common Name Rosy Boa.

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