Would you like to have an animal, plant or … Sanderling: Scientific Name : Calidris alba: Location : Termonfeckin: County : Louth: Number Seen : 90: Principal Observer(s) : James Mullen Not Specified Reported By : Not Specified Comments : Seapoint Beach, Termonfeckin Printer Friendly Version Photo Of The Day Latest Feature. المدروان.

Sanderling: Scientific Name : Calidris alba: Location : Black Rock: County : Kerry: Number Seen : 100: Principal Observer(s) : Hubert Servignat Not Specified Reported By : Not Specified Comments : 360 Printer Friendly Version Photo Of The Day Latest Feature . Subspecies: None – Monotypic. Sanderling (Simon Price) Sanderling (Juvenile) (Khaled Al Ghanem) Recordings .
European nature information system web site, EUNIS database, Biological Diversity, European Environment, Species, Habitat types, Sites, Designations What does it look like? Description: The Sanderling is a tiny, pale grey wader, seen darting along shorelines. Scientific Name . Sanderlings breed in the High Arctic, and can be spotted elsewhere in the UK on migration and in the winter. Calidris alba . Habitat and ecology Often found in coastal areas on low beaches of firm sand, near reefs and inlets, along tidal mudflats and bare open coastal lagoons; individuals are rarely recorded in near-coastal wetlands. The World’s Strangest Scientific Names (Feedloader (Clickability)) By Sarah Zielinski smithsonianmag.com July 14, 2009. The upper body is grey, with white below. Kuwaiti name . Featured bird groups: Shore birds and waders. Avibase is an extensive database information system about all birds of the world, containing over &1 million records about 10,000 species and 22,000 subspecies of birds, including distribution information for 20,000 regions, taxonomy, synonyms in several languages and more. Wader Quest pin badge No. Atlas Number: 166.

Sanderling (Breeding plumage) Sanderling . Scientific Name: Calidris alba Malay Name: Kedidi Tiga Jari Chinese Name: 三趾滨鹬 Range: Breeding Range: (NA, EU) n Nonbreeding Range: Worldwide Taxonomy: Polytypic. 4 available in our shop. Sanderling Fact File.

Scientific names follow S ibley and Monroe (1990, 1993), but for the purposes of this list species are grouped into families, and families are ordered following the more trad itional taxonomy g iven in Howard and Moore (1991).

Calidris albaRuddy Plover, Beach Bird, Beach Plover, Bull Peep, Surf Snipe, White Snipe, Whitey
Distribution: Widespread northern North America and Europe. Sanderling Scientific Name: Calidris alba Maltese Name: Pispisella Bajda Family: Waders (Scolopacidae) Occurence: Scarce Breeds in Malta: No Overview: he Sanderling is a small wader, it is an Arctic breeder, and is a long-distance migrant, wintering South Europe and Africa. The binomial system that uses the "botanical" or scientific names of plants is frustrating at times, as when the powers that be change their minds as to what a plant should be called. Subspecies are: alba, rubida Size: 18-21 cm Local Status: Rare migrant Photos: External Links: Conservation Status: IUCN Red List Page Photos: Oriental Bird Images Sound Recordings: xeno-canto Link Wikipedia Entry: Wikipedia Link Sanderlings occur along the NSW coast, with occasional inland sightings. Sanderling Calidris alba: b57/21/683 Sanderling: c22/43/082 Sanderling: c27/7/492 Sanderling: f20/13/021 Sanderling: l03/9/002 Sanderling: m17/41/059 Sanderling: m17/59/027 Sanderling Natural Lizard - Sanderling (species profile) About us Scientific Name: Calidris alba. It is pale grey above and white underneath, and there is a black mark at its shoulder where the folded wing meets the body. The sanderling is a small, plump, energetic wading bird. Conservation Status: Least Concern. Arabic Name . It has a short straight black bill and medium length black legs.

Scientific classification; Kinrick: Animalia: Phylum: Chordata: Cless: Aves: Order: Charadriiformes: Faimily: Scolopacidae: Genus: Calidris: Species: C. alba