Brazil’s largest cities are São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Salvador.
Release IBGE releases update of names of Brazilian municipalities. Brazil has nearly two thirds (64.93%) of the subnormal agglomerates located less than two kilometers of distance from hospitals. This is the site for Twelfth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, Salvador, Brazil, 2-19 April 2010

In 2012 Brazil registered 22,8 homicides per 100.000 inhabitants, much higher than the World Health Organization considers acceptable: 10 homicides per 100.000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the Northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia.

It will play host to six matches at the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. Most of these... 05/19/2020. « Le Salvador adopte l'approche "coupable jusqu'à preuve du contraire" lorsqu'il s'agit des femmes qui souffrent de complications liées à la grossesse : cela coûte la vie à nombre d'entre elles, en conduit certaines à passer jusqu'à 40 ans en prison et crée un climat de peur parmi les médecins et les patientes. Salvador is the largest city on the northeast coast of Brazil. Brazil is also among the leading emerging countries, the so-called BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, and China). 36 Hours in Salvador, Brazil Carnaval is right around the corner in this energetic city, where traditions — culinary, musical, literary and more — reflect a deep Afro-Brazilian heritage. Historically crime rates in Brazil are high when compared to rates in other countries. The tables with the... 05/18/2020. The Changes in Toponyms (names) of municipalities, 2019 edition, presents the six latest changes and all the previous ones.