It is pre-defined so that loads may be disconnected or energized by alternative sources such as uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Officials are urging residents not to try to ride out the storm. Literally, to remain at one's location during a storm to wait until it passes, as opposed to evacuating. A low voltage ride through design is also considered in many critical applications such as satellites and spacecrafts. Ride through means a Generating Facility staying connected to and synchronized with the Transmission System during system disturbances within a range of over- and under-frequency conditions, in accordance with Good Utility Practice. In Pictures: Amazing Motorcycle Trips. rideunknown. 2. Different manufacturers handle this different ways.

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(Originally referred to ships lasting out a storm.) What does Ride the Wave expression mean? 1. a) My ride is a piece of shit. Sports To participate in a board sport such as snowboarding. 3. to endure something unpleasant. LVRT (Low Voltage Ride Through) and HVRT (High Voltage Ride Through), both also known as FRT - Fault Ride Through) have become a crucial feature of wind turbine control and power converter systems. A further point, which is neglected by the common definition of the ride-through criteria is the transition from ride-through back to normal operation, especially for zero-torque ride-through.

1. a. 3. to harrass.

To be carried or conveyed, as in a vehicle or on horseback. The film features monotonic voice-overs declaiming the virtues of tomorrow's telephone systems, along with earnest folk-singing about the miracle of telephony, as well as a ride-through on the Bell System Ride.

The ride-through views encompass sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, volcanic lakes and wide-open desert steppes. This option is commonly known as a “ride-through.” A ride-through in bankruptcy converts a mortgage into a non-recourse obligation.

vb , rides, riding, rode, ridden. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. 1. a) n. a car wheels b) v. to drive or ride in a car see riders.

The ride-through views encompass sand dunes, snow-capped mountains, grasslands, volcanic lakes and wide-open desert steppes.. An electric device relies on a relatively steady supply voltage; most electronic equipment may be able to function between about 60 and 130 volts alternating current (VAC). The title track of Colt Ford's debut album, "Ride Through the Country" finds the country rapper laying out his doctrine and explaining how he grew up. ing, rides v.intr. she rides to work on the bus.

through strategy. By extension, to endure a period of hardship or disorder. This is a mandatory evacuation event. Basically, it’s the measure of time during which the VFD can maintain control power during a loss of incoming main (line) power. 1 to sit on and control the movements of (a horse or other animal) 2 tr to sit on and propel (a bicycle or similar vehicle) 3 intr; often foll by: on or in to be carried along or travel on or in a vehicle. b.

A low voltage ride through is the capability to respond to a major decrease in energy input for alternative energy sources like wind and solar plants. b) Let's ride to the club. 2. 2. to be the one on top during sex.