The collection has been stimulated by such questions IthinkalotofCollingwood’slaterworkisprefiguredinthis,his first book. This is a reason why I have felt it worthwhile to edit the Religion is the relationship between groups to proscribed and emergent spiritual beliefs.

A separation between the sacred and the profane is something else lacking in philosophy. In the course of my own study of the book, I have ( ) underlined significant passages, and ( ) commented in foot-notes. This should not lead us into forgetting the intimate relation of philosophy and religion. Here is the text of Collingwood’s Religion and Philosophy [ ], aug-mented in two ways. In religion, and even in religious philosophy, reasoned arguments are ultimately traced back to some basic faith in God, gods, or religious principles which have been discovered in some revelation.

It is sometimes said that the study of philosophy being critical is likely to disturb our religious beliefs. The effect of philosophy and religion on the individual and society is different. —The christian teaching about the One and at the same time the Triune God, with Whom man have to get into communion and to persist in this existence, growing in Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit's work revealed through the holy sacraments and

'The Relationship of Philosophy to Religion Today' is a collection of texts authored by philosophers with an interest in contemporary philosophy of religion, its merits and its limitations.