Only loon to leap into flight from water or land. In non-breeding plumage, it has a gray back speckled with white, giving the bird an overall light gray appearance. In summer, note smooth gray head, brick-red throat, white chest, and dark body. Red-throated Loon: Small loon with scaled gray back and white underparts.

Small and slender loon. Watch Queue Queue. Red-throated Loon. The Loon Program is actively conducting studies on four of the five species of loons found worldwide: Common Loons; Yellow-billed Loons; Red-throated Loons; and Pacific Loons. Look closely at shape: slender neck and thin bill usually held at an upward angle. Direct flight, rapid wing beats. This video is unavailable.

Eyes are red. It has a thin bill that points slightly upward. Conservation and management. Efforts are concentrated on breeding areas for each of the four species, with an emphasis on the Common Loon and on the other three species at the Program’s biostation on the tundra southeast of Barrow, Alaska …

Even though the Red-Throated Loon is considered to be at a low risk of extinction they are still guarded in many regions. They are part of various treaties that make it illegal to hunt them. Winters primarily in saltwater, but can use large lakes and reservoirs in migration. Dives frequently, feeding on fish. In breeding plumage, it has a blackish-brown back, a gray head and neck, and a deep red throat.

Skip navigation Sign in. However, they can be easily mistaken while hunting if that red patch is missing. Red-throated Loon. Fish and Wildlife Service designated the Red-throated Loon as a “bird of conservation concern” due to an overall declining population; however, some populations appear to be stable and others have unknown trends. In winter, white below and gray above with fine white spots. Reproductive success for this species likely varies with both predation and fluctuating environmental conditions (e.g., timing of spring thaw and fall freeze). The U.S. Red-Throated Loon Conservation. Search. The Red-throated Loon is the smallest and most slender of the loons. Watch Queue Queue.

Head and sides of neck are gray, throat is dark red, nape is black-and-white striped. Feeds on fish, dives to 90 feet for them.

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