The turkey is a native of North and Central America, and was first domesticated by at least 500 BC – possibly much earlier. Our Turkey breeds include Bourbon Red, Crollwitzer and Narragansett, they are all listed as a Rare Breed on the RBST watchlist. The weight of toms is 25 pounds and hens are 16 pounds. Turkeys are fantastic birds with our native breeds now in very low numbers. We are very passionate about the heritage turkey breeds and want to see them preserved.

The breeds reported include commercial/industrial strains, local types and recognised breeds in many countries. At Heritage Turkeys we keep all the UK recognised varieties of heritage turkey and these are: Blue, British White, Bourbon Red, Bronze, Buff, Harvey Spotted, Narragansett, Norfolk Black, Crollwitzer/Pied, and Slate. There are quite a few knowledgeable people available to help in any way they can. Midget White. You can find our turkeys opposite the … Gentle birds and active foragers, turkeys are simple to keep but do have some specific requirements - we have produced some literature outlining the basics to keeping turkeys. Turkey breeds are reported to the DAD-IS breed database of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations by more than sixty countries.

Why are Heritage Breeds Rare Turkey Breeds? Most of the time, heritage breeds have slower and smaller growth gains and have fallen out of favor because of this. As meat producers they are rare. A little research on turkeys and turkey breeds, and planning goes a long way toward success with turkeys. These turkeys are always completely white in color. Welcome to Heritage Turkeys Website, a National Collection of Traditional Varieties of Turkey . But the good news is that as people realize the importance of heritage breeds, the numbers are growing! It was taken to Europe in the early 1500s, shortly after the Spanish arrived in Mexico, and soon spread to the Mediterranean basin, where it probably acquired is present name from Turkish merchants. Heritage breeds, through the years, became less popular as modern agriculture took precedence. Heritage breeds offer such … We work closely with the Turkey Club UK to promote these breeds. The Midget White turkey is a smaller breed of pure white turkeys, with the toms weighing 20 pounds and the hens weighing 12 pounds.

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