7 Weird Toddler Behaviors That Are Actually Normal. Depending upon the behavior and the parent, quirky toddler behaviors can inspire a reaction that ranges from wondering whether and when the behavior will stop, to mild annoyance, to total outrage. When we see our kids struggle, have trouble fitting in, or recognize that they are somehow noticeably “differen What's really going on in your toddler's little head when she shoves peas in her ear, guzzles bathwater, or strips naked in the store? Here's why your child is doing those things and how you can deal. It’s only natural to do so. Toddlers do the darndest things—but while certain behavoirs may be strange, they're actually very common. Photo: Meg Perotti. Updated Mar 2020. As you watch your child develop, you’ll see behavior that is within the average developmental cycle for a child his age.It’s a pattern of behavior that might trigger a sense that something is not quite right. Some parts of the pattern and some general examples are: Of course we worry about our kids. Part of keeping your cool when deciding what to do when your toddler exhibits quirky behavior is to remind yourself that most quirks fall within the range of normal toddler behavior. The first step is to make sure that there’s not an underlying issue. Posted on 24 October 2009 by Leonardo Rocker (Quirky Kid Staff) Most parents have experienced their toddler’s challenging behaviour at some point whether it’s the “terrible twos” or for that matter, threes, fours or more. Toddlers can be demanding and unrelenting, and if you have one, you know they’re also kind of strange. Toddler Behaviour: Taming Toddler Tantrums.

We love our children more than life itself and want them to be happy and successful, and when they aren’t it hurts. By Jenna McCarthy.

1 Comment. Quirky Kids: When to Worry, Seek Help, Get a Label or Just Chill Michele Borba November 23, 2012 0.

When your child is different, what’s going on?

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