All are friendly, helpful, and full … Australia 17 of 17 found this interesting Interesting? )you can't see the target. MovieChat Forums > Quigley Down Under (1990) Discussion > Impossible shot Impossible shot posted 14 years ago by yamavstar1 78 replies | jump to latest. How can you hit that which you cannot see? However, they are rescued by Aborigines.

Designed after the Sharps rifle, this special-edition Sharps "Q" Down Under Rifles originates from the transformation of a cavalry model and sports a patch box.

Could not believe our good luck! Yes No. Edit.

Also hoped to find Quigley Down Under movie set location. That cartridge loaded with 110 grains of black powder will propel a 540-grain bullet (best case) at around 1475 feet per second. When the aborigine manservant knocks Quigley over the head, Marston's men beat him and Cora unconscious and dump them in the outback with no water and little chance of survival. Talked to Crafty, owner of Overlanders Steakhouse (great place to eat and fun singalong! Quigley Down Under 6 mistakes ... it is not accurate for the .45 2-7/8 Sharps Quigley is using. for rock-steady shooting at up to 1,000 yds. Selleck plays Matthew Quigley®, a bigger-than-life American marksman who comes to Australia to shoot wild dogs (dingos) for a wealthy rancher. It has a 1-1/16", 34"-long octagonal barrel and 1:18" twist. When he finds out that the rancher actually wants him to shoot the local native people (Aborigines), Quigley® refuses.

The Quigley® Sharps Rifle co-stars with Tom Selleck in the movie, Quigley® Down Under. The "Resort" is rustic cabins and campsites on a homestead/station managed by Shane and Jody, with help from Ben. Quigley turns down the offer and throws Marston out of his own house.

Quigley Down Under (1990) Filming & Production. Cora now reveals that she comes from Texas.

I remember shooting an M16 at basic and the furthest … Showing all 10 items Jump to: Filming Locations (9) Filming Dates (1) Filming Locations. The part where he shoots the bucket seems impossible to me since at the range he was shooting (thousand yards?

This long-range shooter is massive, weighing in at 13 lbs.

), who sent us out to the Ross River Resort. Since the bullet is supersonic when it leaves the muzzle it will indeed precede the sound of the weapon's discharge for short distance.

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