79+3 sentence examples: 1. : The ravers danced, the normals tapped their feet and the rockers looked a little perplexed. Gary looked rather perplexed. Example sentences with the word perplexed.perplexed example sentences.
: The student looked at him, perplexed. 4. perplexed example sentences. : 2. Examples of how to use the word perplexed in a sentence. Examples of Perplexed in a sentence My dog was obviously perplexed by the arrival of a baby in the home, as he had never seen a human that was even smaller than he was. Your first sighting of a bee orchid can leave you feeling a little perplexed. How to use perplexed in a sentence.

I just stared at him mouth open, perplexed and maybe even slightly flustered by his strange double-talk. We were perplexed by his failure to answer the letter.

Example sentences with the word perplexed. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available. 2. 5. Many students have xeroxed booklets of Jody calls and brought them in, thrilled to have perplexed their fellow workers. A confessed music obsessive, Dam perplexed neighborhood kids with his dedication to craft and burgeoning audiophilia. 3. 1. I was perplexed by the math problem my teacher presented to me, and ultimately I needed his help to solve it.
The students looked perplexed, so the teach His strange behaviour perplexed her greatly. How to use perplexed in a sentence. : A young Martin, perplexed by this, asked his parents for an explanation.

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