pathology is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The science of the causes and effects of diseases, especially … See more. What does pathology mean? Pathology, medical specialty concerned with the determining causes of disease and the structural and functional changes occurring in abnormal conditions.
The word pathology comes from the Greek words pathos, meaning “suffering”, and –logia, “the study of”.In addition to describing the study of disease, the word pathology can also be used to describe characteristics of a disease itself (e.g.

Pathology is the study of disease.

(clinical medicine) The medical specialty that provides microscopy and other laboratory services (e.g., cytology, histology) to clinicians.

PATHOLOGY, med. jur. Pathology is also the term used to describe a disease or condition, its root cause, development, and consequences. What does pathology mean? Pathology aims at understanding the nature and causes of diseases through the examination of specimens of tissue or blood. Pathology Definition. Pathology involves examining the cause of illness, how it develops, the effect of the illness on cells and the outcome of the illness. The science or doctrine of diseases.
Pathology definition, the science or the study of the origin, nature, and course of diseases. Also see forensic medi The word "pathology" means the study of diseases processes. We never forget that behind every test is a patient's life. Pathology Medical Services P.C. pathology meaning: 1. the scientific study of disease 2. the scientific study of disease 3. the scientific study of…. ‘Many pathologies were recorded from the remains, such as evidence of poor nutrition, poor dental hygiene and a life of physical, repetitive work.’ ‘All had cerebral atrophy, but none had intracranial vascular pathology on magnetic resonance imaging examination.’

It underpins every aspect of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment advice to using cutting-edge genetic technologies and preventing disease. Pr.

Pathology is the field of medicine and science that studies disease.

A tumor is removed by a doctor trained in surgery, but you need a doctor trained in pathology to tell you if the tumor is cancer.

We never forget that our services are often the foundation of a patient's diagnosis and treatment. 2 Chit. Pathology Definition. believes that laboratory testing is not just about scientific results - it is about life.

Learn more. pathology definition: Pathology is defined as a branch of medical science that studies the nature, effects, causes and consequences of disease. See more. 42, note. 2 Chit.

The science or doctrine of diseases.