Taking full advantage of the untethered Oculus Quest, we’ve created a fully engaging Tennis game with a twist – the Scramble element. r/OculusQuest: A place to discuss the Oculus Quest. Thanks!

Oculus Share. Be the first to share what you think! today I went ahead in reviewed a sports scramble so if you guys have never seen a sports scramble before go ahead watch a couple minutes of gameplay and then I’m gonna give you guys my final results on the game [Music] [Music] that’s a double your opponent now has a metal bat their sport


Take your favorite sports and mix them together!

Smash a Home Run with a Hockey Stick! This is a really important topic to talk about. Sports Scramble mixes traditional athletics with a grab bag of surreal elements; think playing baseball with a golf club or bowling with pineapples. Each of the three main sports: Tennis, Bowling, and Baseball has their own Single-Player Training, QuickPlay, and Challenge Modes. Play Tennis with a Golf Club. for Gear VR, comes our next VR title: Sports Scramble. Showcase. I’m not sure I can blame Armature for that since this is how Oculus chooses to display notifications. Close • Posted by 1 minute ago.

Sports scramble discussion. ... Sports scramble.

Sports Scramble has achievements and trophies, but unfortunately, a poorly timed trophy notification momentarily blocked my view and cost me a point while playing tennis. NerveGear. 2 comments. Oculus Quill. Posted by 1 month ago. There is no thumbstick or button movement. It seems obligatory for all motion-based consoles and systems to launch with a sports compilation game, and for the Oculus Quest that game was Sports Scramble. Is Sports Scramble worth it? 50% Upvoted.

Is Sports Scramble worth it?

During a match … It's called Sports Scramble, and it features tennis, bowling and baseball modes. Welcome to Sports Scramble!

1.7k. As past users of the Xbox Kinect or Nintendo Wii will testify, translating sports movements like throwing, batting and hitting make for an enjoyable introduction to motion-controlled game-play and […] The Oculus Quest comes with a demo of Sports Scramble, where you can play the scrambled version of tennis and get a feel for what the game is like.

... but I did get the guy's username down and send a report to both Oculus and Echo. Sports Scramble was one of the first games to be shown alongside the first reveal of the Oculus Quest during Oculus Connect in 2018.

Sports scramble. We’ve brought zany …

God knows how many times I’ve had the ‘Headset Battery Low’ alert block my view in other games. More posts from the OculusQuest community.

Modern VR gaming's existed for about 3 years now, but we still don't have our Wii Sports equivalent.


The bad news is, I think we're still waiting for a truly proper Wii Sports clone. There is no thumbstick or button movement. Sports Scramble. Sports scramble discussion.

100% Upvoted. save hide report. Is there any championship mode or anything like that or is it just three mini games to play that are the same every time you play them? Question/Support.