The species has been found around man-made ponds at golf courses in Alberta (Seburn 1992b; Kendell, pers.

Adult leopard frogs measure 2-5 inches (5-13 cm) in length. They sit around, waiting for prey to pass, and when some potential prey does pass, they pounce on them, using their powerful legs. Size.

1) is a member of the family Ranidae – or "true frogs" – which is composed of 46 genera and approximately 560 species (Hillis and Davis, 1986). PHYSIOLOGY The Northern Leopard Frog is named for the spots across its back that resemble that of a leopard. Northern Leopard Frog COOL FACTS: Scientifi c name: Lithobates pipiens Average size: 7.6-12.7 cm or 3-5 inch Average life span: 2 -4 years Type: Amphibian Did you know?

Northern Leopard Frog. The northern leopard frog is a beautiful, medium-sized amphibian, with long legs and dark-coloured spots on, typically, a rich green skin. Rana pipiens Schreber. Scientific Name: Lithobates pipiens Size: 2-5 inches (5-13 cm) in length Status: Species of special concern . Tadpoles can grow to 3 inches (8 cm) or more before growing arms and completing metamorphosis. They spend a lot of time foraging in grassy places during the summer. Survey Protocol for the Northern Leopard Frog Alberta Species at Risk Report No. You may see them in old fields, meadows, grassy-sedge woods roads and grassy roadside ditches.

Leopard frogs, northern leopard frog, southern leopard frog. Survey Protocol for the Northern Leopard Frog Kris Kendell Alberta Species at Risk Report No. They may also eat smaller frogs, including their own species. Northern Leopard Frog. Once widespread in many wetlands across southeast BC, it is now restricted to two breeding areas in the province: Bummers Flats in the East Kootenay, and the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area in the West Kootenay. Although Merrell (1977) and the Alberta Northern Leopard Frog Recovery Team (2005) note that the Northern Leopard Frog typically avoids heavily wooded areas, Seburn (1994) observed no difference in leopard frog density in wooded versus non-wooded areas in the Cypress Hills of Alberta. Northern Leopard Frogs, also called meadow or grass frogs, are bright grass-green with oval black spots. 43 February 2002. ii Publication No. Adult Size: Up to 3½ inches; Range: The northern leopard frog is native to the northern United States and Canada. Habitat: Usually found in or near a permanent water source, including streams, ponds and rivers, but during periods of precipitation, northern leopard frogs will travel miles from a permanent water source. 43. Habitat: The margin of vegetated ponds, lakes, slow moving rivers, streams, as well as marshy and swampy areas. It is found as far west as New Mexico and central Arizona.

When leopard frog tadpoles complete metamorphosis the juvenile frogs often only measure an inch or so in length. Rana pipiens, the Northern Leopard frog or grenouille léopard (Fig. During mating season it maybe found in less permanent habitats. All North American members of the family belong to the genus Rana. A group of frogs is called an army. Northern leopard frogs will eat about anything that they can fit in their mouths. From birds, beetles, ants, flies worms and even garter snakes!