He has committed no sin in the matter which is troubling him; his mental distress is simply a bout of scrupulosity, a hard trial which God sometimes permits, but which he will get over if he does what he is told. Instead, scrupulosity is best regarded as a pattern of beliefs and behaviors associated with excessive worry about having committed a sin or engaging in immoral acts. not daily Confession). Josh Johnson Fr. Recognizing and Counseling People Who Have Scrupulosity A type of OCD known as Scrupulosity involves irrational moral or religious obsessions and corresponding compulsions, or rituals. Our culture is so desensitized that it is not seen as wrong to post such photos on new sites. On a regular basis you have to click off the site because the news, even conservative news sources, have no problems posting salacious stories, adds and photos of the latest inapporpriately dressed actress. not occasions of anxiety). This results in significant emotional distress, guilt, and despair. Concern may focus either on thoughts or actions already taken or the possibility of committing sins in the future. I would like to ad that the internet is often a near occasion of sin. Personally, I'd confess everything including near occasions of sin, mortal sins, and veniel sins that I can remember. But it does mean that we must make a reasonable effort to avoid occasions of sin (ie. … Fear that one has committed the so called “unpardonable sin” of blasphemy (see Matthew 12:31-32) is remarkably common amongst those with Scrupulosity. This should be simply impressed on his mind, stated clearly in a way suited to his understanding, without any reasoning or argument…. Just trying to read the news on the web . Religious Scrupulosity can be of particular concern to clergy, because it is sometimes difficult to separate what is “normal” religious devotion from this form of OCD. And when we commit sin we must repent for it with true sorrow (ie. In Roman Catholic teaching, occasions of sin are "external circumstances--whether of things or persons--which either because of their special nature or because of the frailty common to humanity or peculiar to some individual, incite or entice one to sin.". There are two kinds of scruples: those which affect only the intelligence; those which affect also the sensitive will. Josh answers questions about whether bad confession experiences are valid, how to avoid scrupulosity (obsession with avoiding sin), and how to invite people back to the Church. … - Purely intellectual scruples are really only doubts. Scrupulosity, Bad Confession Experiences, and Young People Leaving the Church Fr. Nov 9, 2005 Rosa Mystica I'm not like the others. Definition. Scrupulosity, in general, is an ill-founded fear of committing sin. When we fail, we repent because of willingness to do so. In summary, we must not scrupulously avoid all occasions of anxiety, but rather walk through life with trust and confidence in God. General Considerations .

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