4. Everyone lies from time to time, notes clinical psychologist Lisa Firestone in Psychology Today’s “Why We Lie and How to Stop.” Lies generally serve a purpose to the liar, such as manipulating someone’s emotional reactions to a story or getting out of trouble 1.Sometimes an adult child lies due to old patterns in the family dynamics, or because he wants to avoid adult responsibilities. Teenager Lies to Mom Constantly. I am always catching her in a lie and she does not listen to what other have to say, all the time. The goal is to get everyone to watch me, need me, focus on me, be kept off-balance by me, be controlled by me, be destroyed by me. She has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and had numerous breakdowns over the years. My mother is always struggled with her mental health. She just lies to go along with you, sometime just … In a way, mother is like a black-hole, empty as eternity. She lies to health professionals and we truely think that she believes these lies.

When parental problems are apparent, it’s better to state that Mom and Dad are having differences than to lie and pretend nothing's wrong. Our problem is that she constantly lies about everything and especially about her health. Dr. Laura, I have an 18year old daughter who lies a lot and does not want me to ask her anything.

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