Meta. 5. Determining the world’s most dangerous ocean doesn’t come from one singular factor. Posted by 4 days ago. 1.2k. 5.0k. The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire ... and I don't really know what flair to use but this gave me the Willie's just thinking about what would be living in the water here. This makes the lake arguably the most dangerous stretch of water in the world in terms of fatalities per square kilometre. save hide report. Horseshoe Lake, USA. Those using the lake are hoping that a new mobile alert system aiming to improve the delivery of weather forecasts, will give more guidance on what kind of storms to expect ever the lake and what action they should take. share. Nor can it be pinpointed to one area on Earth’s surface. 116 comments. Experienced divers say, though, that properly trained people with experience can dive without fear: the cause of death is usually nitrogen narcosis or insufficient air capacity upon ascent. Most Dangerous for Swimming; Most Dangerous for Shipping (both Humans and Wildlife) Most Dangerous for Diving; The most dangerous ocean parts are the. The Blue Hole is possibly the most dangerous place for diving in the world as many divers have died in this 400-foot deep cave.