Traditionally, the maiya is conducted three times. I am not sure if many of you have heard this one, it is called as tappe' by jagjit singh, actually tappe is a traditional Punjabi word and usually is a two liner which was sung in weddings etc to tease each other. Like an answer shared above, it's an abusive slang related to the 'mother' of the recipient of the slang. Find Maiya meaning in English - Hindi, Maiya/Maiyya (मैया) Maiya is a Hindi word, it means "mother, mom, lady" in English, while in Hindi it's also called as "maata/माता, maa/माँ." The second time is in the morning of the day… This usually takes place two days before the wedding day, when it’s customary to start before midday.
Mayian or more popularly known as "Maa'nyo'n" is the term used for the preparation ceremony one day before a Punjabi wedding.This ceremony is a late afternoon or early evening festival, at the couple's parental homes. We are fast approaching the Big Day in a Guide to Punjabi Weddings, and the countdown begins with the maiya ceremony.