Game is the third in a series of Medal of Honor and the first released on the PC.The game tells the story of the events of the second world war. Als Schwierigkeitsgrad wurde „Schwer“ gewählt und als Kompensation der NoIntro- und ein Blut-Patch installiert. Prenez le contrôle dun simple soldat durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale et préparez-vous à vivre le conflit de façon intense grâce à la mise en scène hollywoodienne. Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead free download video game for Windows PC. The direct/torrent download from is highly compressed and free of any virus, spyware or adware. A lot of clever scripting and precisely orchestrated mayhem lend it a sustained intensity that more open-ended tactical shooters often lack. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault is a video game consisting of the first-person shooter.

The latest version of Allied Assault is 1.11.

Medal of Honor Allied Assault™ War Chest EA Los Angeles Medal of Honor Allied Assault™ War Chest Become part of an Army Ranger team as you battle your way through enemy-infested towns, regain control of the Atlantic, and establish a beachhead as part of the D-Day invasion force on Omaha Beach in Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (בעברית: מדליה של כבוד: מתקפת בעלות הברית) הוא משחק וידאו מסוגת פעולה מגוף ראשון שפותח על ידי חברת 2015 Inc.() והופץ על ידי אלקטרוניק ארטס למחשב האישי תחת מערכות ההפעלה Windows, Mac ו-Linux.

Medal of Honor is first and foremost a run-and-gun shooter–a really, really excellent run-and-gun shooter. Game Features The protagonist is a United States Army Lieutenant Mike Powell (Michael Rendle Powell Jr.), consisting in the first battalion of Rangers.

Medal of Honor - Allied Assault Die Lösung basiert auf der deutschen Version 1.11 die der Sammlung „Medal of Honor 10th Anniversary“ beiliegt. Medal of Honor Allied Assault Game is a computer game genre of 3D first-person shooter developed by 2015, Inc. and published by EA. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault est un jeu de tir à la première personne sorti sur PC. It is created by 2015, Inc.

The game is automatically updated to this version when installing Spearhead or Breakthrough.

Download free full version “Medal of Honor Allied Assault Spearhead” from Gameslay. Relatively short but very dense, it’s like one-half game and one-half amusement park ride.

It's available in English, … The game was issued on Sunday, 22 January 2002 on platforms Microsoft Windows for Pc Games, Linux, Macintosh operating systems.

The game setup is tested and 100% fully working PC Game for free Download.