Matthew Henson was an African-American explorer who discovered the North Pole with Robert E. Peary in 1909—or so they claimed. But the other 4 brothers still live near the area where Henson & Peary once based their operations around Smith Sound.

The son of two freeborn black sharecroppers, Henson lost his mother at an early age.

No Matthew Flinders did not have any siblings.
Matthew Henson's links to northern Greenland were lost during an era when long-distance communication was difficult or non-existent. Later, while working in a store in When Henson was 4 years old, his father moved the family to Washington, D.C., in search for work opportunities. American explorer Matthew Alexander Henson was born on August 8, 1866, in Charles County, Maryland. Matthew Alexander Henson, African American explorer who accompanied Robert E. Peary on most of his expeditions, including that to the North Pole in 1909. One son, Vittus Henson, and his family moved to Denmark in 2000. His father died there, leaving Henson and his siblings in the care of relatives. Learn more at

Matthew Flinders was an English navigator most known for exploring Australia and identifying it as a continent. Through my years of research on Matthew Henson, I learned that he (Matthew Alexander Henson) identified one family in Washington DC as his legitimate family members. Matthew Henson. After 1909, Matthew Henson never saw Akatingwah or Anaukaq, although the Henson-Peary story continued to be well-known in Qaanaaq. Anaukaq, who had seven children, died in 1990 at the age of 84. Orphaned as a youth, Henson went to sea at the age of 12 as a cabin boy on the sailing ship Katie Hines. One of those children is Vittus, 61, the father of Aviaq Henson… Here is a link to the Greenland Henson families. This family was that of Mrs. Virginia Carter Brannum, daughter of Henson's sister Eliza Carter of Washington DC. All of Matthew Henson's descendants are Greenland Inuits.

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