Antonyms. The future has by itself the meaning of possibility , which is then transferred to the whole verb , cheyyaam i will do , may do . take-up: എ�

Definitions. Need to translate "take up" to Malayalam? alluka aḷḷuγa t . Rhymes ... How to say take up in Malayalam. Learn take aback meaning, take after meaning, take against meaning, take apart meaning, take aside meaning, take away meaning, take back meaning, take down meaning, take in meaning, take off meaning, take up meaning, take through meaning...with examples and ESL printable pictures. എടുക്കുക. To take up with the hollow hand m . take up, to occupy oneself with the study or practice of: She took up painting in her spare time. Find more words! Related definition of Take up. Here's how you say it. Malayalam Translation . Phrasal verbs with TAKE! TAKE ON – phrasal verb – meanings and examples The English phrasal verb TAKE ON has the following meanings: 1. eṭukkuka. Translate: to : Synonyms. Take on = to accept additional responsibility (transitive) to accept additional work or responsibility for a task or job. to lift or pick up: He took up the fallen leaves with a rake. To claw , scratch . Alluvan‍ the armadillo , myrmecophaga . To undertake a new role or responsibilities. to occupy; cover: A grand piano would take up half of … I wanted to make a good impression, so I took on a lot of tasks at work. Synonyms are undertake and acquire. = alunpuka , so m .

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