This is the starter kit upgraded my me which contains nearly all the tools you need to develop an LF2 mod plus the game itself. Rubens Last Posts on Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:31 am . by Rubens 0 Replies 585 Views. Tokyo Ghoul: Alternate Routes :: Leisure :: Video Games :: Little Fighter 2 Mods.

Little Fighter 2 © 1999-2008, Marti Wong & Starsky Wong, All rights reserved.

by MatheusTG[AR] 2 Replies 437 Views. Metal Gear LF2 . First of all you may start with originator of these mods i.e Little Fighter 2. Written by Naruto LF2 Mod Team Hits: 125867 Killer LF2 Written by YinYin Hits: 38328 LF2 - Special Version Written by killing333 Hits: 56493 LF2 - The Rythm of the Night v1.07u Written by FeLix[Sykeval] Hits: 40877 Reinforced Little Fighter 2 For example, for Davis, it's animation consisted of davis_0.bmp, davis_1.bmp, davis_2.bmp In LF2 v2.0a, there are davis_0_mirror.bmp, davis_1_mirror.bmp, davis_2_mirror.bmp, they are the "mirrored" version of the 3 bmp above Impact to modifiers: It is recommended that you should create those *_mirror.bmp with your character files. by Rubens 0 Replies 568 Views. Little Fighter 2 (LF2) is a popular freeware PC fighting game for Windows and is the sequel to the game to Little Fighter 1 (LF1).LF2 was created by Marti Wong and Starsky Wong in 1999, and released in a long series of updates.

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I have a problem, the game doesn't start, it load all de data and when finnish the game close and that's all.

Rubens Last Posts on Wed Dec 23, 2015 7:07 am . This is created by Marti Wong.

Naruto Shippuden: New Age. … המשחק ליטל פייטר 2 Little Fighter: המשחק ליטל פייטר 2 הוא משחק מהנה וקליל לכל הגילאים, המופץ חינם ברשת. במהלך המשחק מפקדים על לוחמים, שלכל לוחם כוחות ויכולות מיוחדות משלו. Little Fighter 2 mod.