Thanks to: Marti Wong and Starsky Wong Made by: Jiquera Mondilano Gameplay: In LF2, characters can be moved by pressing the respective up, down, left, and right keys. CHARACTER SELECT Bat: Duende Macabro / … The dots after the command means it can be repeated as many times as possible. By Ryou, December 1, 2015 in [ CHARACTERS ] Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts . Characters Edit Basic Characters Edit.

All keys can be set via a configuration menu. Characters are controlled using the keyboard or a gamepad. Little Fighter 2. Here's the full list of all the characters in Little Fighter 2, complete with the special move list. Little Fighter 2 Characters.. Keep in mind: most characters were made for version 2.0 and earlier.

In LF2 v2.0a, mirror sprites have been added for every character to fix some bugs when the character faces leftwards. Ryou 4,250 Ryou 4,250 BRUHmerton; Administrator; 4,250 11,813 posts; Location: The Grandcypher; Posted December 1, 2015 Click the author names below the images to download! D = Defense, J = Jump, A = Attack > = Left or Right, ^ = Up, v = Down Commands that follow another command are in the parenthesis.

Red text means a character is offline. The Little FightersThese are the 11 playable characters that you can select by default, arranged in reverse order of the menu. DavisDavis is the main protagonist and … Little Fighter 2 - Character Guide This guide was created to teach fans everything about the Little Fighter 2 Characters. You can also learn about weapons and a few tactics.

With this guide you can check out all moves. The playable characters in Little Fighter 2.This page is a work in progress. The game supports up to 4 human players on one computer and a total of 8 characters using online play or computer-controlled opponents. If you don't have this bug at all you can use the characters as usual, if not …