Lionhead Bucks [johnsonfever1] Lionhead bucks 10m old pedigree 1 black, 1 opal 60.00 each these are my daughter rabbit Three Rivers, Michigan » Lionheads I am dedicated to the improvement of the breed through careful selection and breeding. Most rabbits are mature enough to be mated by the time they reach 4 to 4 ½ months old. They are … These guys are known for the velveteen like fur. Prices: Holland Lops $75 each or 2 for $125. Pets & Animals Rabbits Lionheads Lionhead Bunnies 8 Week Old Does [jssmrhcojwm] I have two Lionhead bunnies available. On our search for Lionheads, we found that we had to go to different states to find the quality of bunny we were looking for. They have a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion. History of the Lionhead bunny breed in Europe and the USA, plus descriptions, photos, and standards. The Lionhead rabbit is the result of a dominant mutation in Belgian rabbits (not angoras). History As mentioned, the Lionhead is the result of a genetic mutation that gave breeders a rabbit with a mane of longer fur surrounding the head. The Lionhead rabbit breed is one of the newest breeds accepted by the ARBA. It is the first significant mutation since the recessive satin fur mutation in 1934. Welcome to Nanette’s Lionhead Rabbitry. The Lionhead Rabbit is a relatively new rabbit breed named for the mane of long hair standing up in a fringe around the head like a lion. We found a lot of people advertising "lionheads" that weren't in the breed standard and set out to produce the quality that represents our breed … We have found some of the cutest bunnies are the lop, lionhead cross bunnies and also the Rex, Holland lop cross. General characterstics. We breed quality Lionhead rabbits. Dwarf Lionhead Bunny Rabbit w/ Blue Eyes [haschenfrau] Dwarf Lionhead bunny, a boy, 10 weeks old Has beautiful blue eyes. Belgian breeder Ronny de Clerq began breeding Lionheads in the 1970’s from a genetic mutation that causes the growth of a long “mane” around the head and sometimes around the legs and rump of the rabbit. Typically, the Lionhead breed is represented by approximately 300-500 entries and 50-80 exhibitors from all over the United States and Canada. If you would like to schedule an appointment to see one of our bunnies or if you have more questions, please call Nanette at … My goal is to align my breeding program as closely as possible to the Lionhead standard, concentrating on excellent over-all type, correct coat and sound bodies. The stay small, lots of color but with manes and soft velveteen fur! The Lionhead rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that belongs to the dwarf rabbits group of rabbits. He will be about 2 to Clermont, Florida » Lionheads $75.00: Lion Lop bunny rabbits [loricharlie1969] We have several Lion Lops available. Email us for availability. Holland Lop cross: $25-$50. Temperament is a … Before you can breed your lionhead rabbit, you need to understand the basics of rabbit breeding. The Lionhead originated in Belgium and although experts seem unsure about the exact breeds that were put together to create it, it is becoming very popular as both a pet and show rabbit around the world. History of Lionhead Rabbits. Lionhead Rabbits. Keep in mind that miniature breeds or dwarf breeds like the lionhead becomes sexually mature at around 4 months old.