It has the size and shape of a sapsucker.

Their wings are checkered black and white. It reaches its northeastern limits in southwestern Kansas, where it is found frequenting the cottonwoods and willows along the Cimarron River.

I opened my Merlin Bird ID app , plugged in the location, date that the video was taken, the approximate size of the bird, the main colors on the bird, and what the bird was doing (eating at a feeder, swimming or wading, in trees or bushes, etc.

It is classified within the genus Dryobates and the family Picidae, which includes woodpeckers, sapsuckers, wrynecks, and piculets.

Ladder-backed woodpecker : Picoides scalaris. They have black and white markings on their backs which resemble the rungs of a ladder. The underparts of these woodpeckers are buff or white in color and speckled with black markings. Scientists speculate that the Downy Woodpecker may have evolved to look like the more formidable Hairy Woodpecker in order to compete for food with larger bird species. Cuban Green Woodpecker, Xiphidiopicus percussus The Cuban green woodpecker is the only species of this genus and only found in Cuba. The Ladder‐backed Woodpecker is a species of concern at LLELA. Pp.

1-12 in A Poole, F Gill, eds. The Ladder-backed Woodpecker is primarily a bird of the southwestern United States. Relatives. Birds of North America, No. The males have a red crown and … A few weeks ago my brother sent me this video of a woodpecker drumming on a palm tree in Palm Desert, California.

The Downy Woodpecker's scientific name is Dryobates pubescens. ). This is a male.

The mesquites have encroached on open areas which were historically covered with Big Bluestem, Indian Grass, and other Blackland Prairie vegetation. It has a bright olive-green body with yellow underparts.

It is a small woodpecker with a red cap (females do not have a red cap), short straight black bill, and zygodactyl feet.


Its fondness for mesquite trees puts it in some danger as we proceed with mesquite clearing in certain areas. The ladder-backed woodpecker’s range extends from the deserts of southeast California into Arizona, New Mexico and Texas and well south into Mexico. Recent DNA analyses show that the Downy Woodpecker is most closely related to two southwestern species — the Ladder-backed and Nuttall's Woodpeckers. The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, PA, … A single Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris) nest was located in a large desert willow, which was only found in arroyo habitat (Kozma, Mathews 1997) in south-central NM, Chihuahuan Desert.

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