One, two, three. Five. Na de game bijna in één ruk uitgespeeld te hebben, zijn we onder de indruk van hetgene dat de ontwikkelaar heeft weten klaar te spelen met deze simpele, maar unieke fantastische kleine ervaring. While his work did not pay attention to the publishers of Hotline Miami. 8.7. Katana Zero gives you a bit more to play with, of course. Everything surrounding the katana-wielding assassin strays further from reality as friends and foes are telling him conflicting messages about who he is and what everyone is after. Katana Zero opens with a nameless assassin accomplishing numerous contracts while undergoing therapy to keep himself sane. He published them for free, gathered a dozen fans, started a couple of useful contacts - in general, he spun as he could. Sadly, this is also where the greatest blemish on Katana Zero lies. In the prison escape level, for ... Katana Zero review Time-bending action platformer Katana Zero is a puzzle full of payoffs. For ten years, Justin Stander has created several games. Just as the plot is starting to hit its most interesting moments, Katana Zero pulls a Halo 2 and abruptly throws "To Be Continued" on the screen. Askiisoft's pixelige actiegame Katana Zero is niet onopgemerkt gebleven en wist binnen één week al 100.000 exemplaren te verkopen. Open the door and slice two guys to pieces. For Katana Zero, I consider the stress worth it. Manipulate Time to Unravel Katana Zero's Story Weeeeeeeeb. Dat succes is meer dan verdiend.

Jump in minecart. It’s not until certain events unfold that things are not what they seem. Oh, they know a lot about shocking masterpieces, and Katana Zero marks just like that. Katana Zero’s story doesn’t quite hit the high note that its action does, but it’s at least carried by strong writing and a few great characters, ... Katana Zero Review. It didn't feel like a natural conclusion that was built up to, it felt like the game just stopped. Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for Katana ZERO here on GameSpot.