Have a question? This is part of a limited edition set. Read our FAQ. Follow. Gallery. Learn more. Hand-signed by artist, stamped by artist's estate. Price ranges of medium-sized prints by James Jean. Giclee print. 27 × 21 in. ️ The Editor prunes the branching narratives of her imagination emerging from a ceramic planter on her lap. The leafy shoots reveal pairs of eyes, a motif referencing a painting of Saint Lucy, the protector of sight, by Francesco del Cossa from the 15th century. Contact gallery.

"Cutaway," the subtitle added to this work, shows the commonality between the work and the technique used in woodcut prints of cutting away unneeded parts …

The Editor collects these touchstones as a way to evaluate the merit of each branching narrative, letting them steep in her witches’ brew. Gallery.

Just as the Editor appraises her creation through multiple passes, this limited edition print has gone through 9 separate passes through different presses in order to create all the effects. Dope! $790. Priced for $500 USD, look for The Editor – Night Mode giclée print to be available on James Jean’s official website at 8:00 a.m. PDT on January 21 until 7:59 a.m. PDT on January 22. 68.6 × 53.3 cm. Print. Signature.

THE EDITOR (NIGHT MODE), 2020. She wields her pruning shears carefully, letting the Medium. James Jean The Editor -Cutaway-The Editor prunes away superfluous parts to leave what is essential. On April 21st (10 AM Japan Time), James Jean (interviewed) will be releasing a stunning new print through Adachi Hanga with proceeds going towards the institute’s mission of preserving of the traditional art of Japanese woodcut printing techniques by training young artisans and holding workshops. About the work. Dope!