• A situation in which the patient and other parties have diverging expectations of a situation and that this conflict is excessive enough to lead to significant distress. As a manager, your interpersonal roles will be dictated by the type of position you hold. People look up to you as a person with authority, and as a figurehead.

Let’s take a closer look at a manager’s interpersonal roles. Figurehead – As a manager, you have social, ceremonial and legal responsibilities. Interpersonal Disputes. INTERPERSONAL ROLES All managers are required to perform duties that are ceremonial and symbolic in nature. Lower level managers will have different interpersonal roles than middle management. Informational management roles are divided into three different communication-based roles. • These tend to occur in marital, family, social or work settings. The managerial roles in this category involve providing information and ideas. interpersonal roles role interpersonalne information roles role informacyjne decisions roles role decyzyjne .

The same goes for upper management as well. You're expected to be a source of inspiration.

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