She fought at the Battle of Les Saintes on 9 April 1782 under the flag of Admiral Sir George Rodney against Admiral de Grasse. In this engagement, Captain William Blair was one of the two Royal Navy post captains killed. Her completion was delayed to allow the fitting of fire-control radar and additional anti-aircraft weapons. The 1000 Islands Region is an international tourism destination, encompassing communities on both sides of the US and Canada border along the St. Lawrence River and the eastern shores of Lake Ontario.The region takes its name from the more than 1000 islands that dot the lake and river along this international waterway. ~ GPS Shipwreck Location ~ Latitude: 44° 17' 13.2" N Longitude: -76° 0' 19.8" W The loss of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Anson off Cornwall in 1807 changed the way sailors would be rescued from shipwrecks for more than 170 years The list goes on and on but of all of the tragic wrecks that came to grief on Loe bar, by far the most famous is that of the frigate H.M.S.Anson a 44 gun-fifth- rate commanded by Captain Charles Lydiard. Without doubt the greatest of these was the wreck and complete destruction of the Royal Navy 44 gun frigate HMS ANSON which foundered on the Bar Sands on 29th December 1807, two years after the battle of Trafalgar, with the loss of about 100 lives. The Iroquois (HMS Anson) lies on a shelfin approximately 75 feet of water behind the head of the Niagara Shoal.

HMS Anson was a King George V-class battleship of the Royal Navy, named after Admiral George Anson.She was built by Swan Hunter and Wigham Richardson Shipyard and launched on 24 February 1940, being completed on 22 June 1942. On Christmas Eve 1807 the Anson left Falmouth to take up her station on the navy blockade that was keeping the French bottled up in Brest.

HMS Anson was a 64-gun third rate ship of the line of the Royal Navy, launched at Plymouth on 4 September 1781 by Georgina, Duchess of Devonshire.

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