The recessive gene that causes this variation in fur causes the hair-strands to stand straight up, rather than lying flat against the body, as other breeds ’ fur does.

Thanks Yvonne . … Jan 31, 2013 - Explore brandyandersons's board "Flemish Giant Bunny" on Pinterest. ... Of course, the risk is much lower if your rabbit is of a large breed, like the Flemish Giant rabbit. Giant rabbit …

He is tattooed and fixed. I've been a pet-sitter of other common house pets in the past, and both raised and trained dogs before. The next posts are Part 2, Cages, Part 3, Weather and Bugs and Part 4, Food.) Is it Bad to Sleep with my Rabbit?. • A medium-sized or large adult bunny requires just 0.25 cups of pellets per day.

Your rabbit needs pellets for its high-protein content, but choose only quality pellets, which are rich in fibre, and remember that: • A dwarf adult rabbit needs 0.12 cups of pellets per day. Some people have cat or dog allergies. Is it absolutely necessary to have my Flemish Giant Rabbit vaccinated . What is a Mini Rex Rabbit? Mini Rex rabbits are a small, compact breed that has a very plush undercoat and extremely soft, velvety feeling fur, which comes in a wide variety of colors. (I split up my questions by category.

This is a condition that often results in intense chewing, itching, licking, rubbing, and scratching. He sleeps indoors but plays outside during the day. Pi is his name and he is just over a year. If you have allergies, asthma or their symptoms, such as sneezing or a red nose, do not let your rabbit sleep in your bed because your condition could worsen. Such people may also have allergies to rabbits, but most of these people can live with a Rex as they are much cleaner and don't shed a lot of fur. ... Do hypoallergenic cat breeds exist Allergies can be one of the most annoying things that humans have to deal with. Giant Bunny Big Bunny Cute Bunny Flemish Giant Rabbit Baby Animals Cute Animals Giant Animals Raising Rabbits Meat Rabbits. Compared to most other furry pets, a rabbit bite is much less dangerous and very mild. So, they might be a better option over cats and dogs. - Wag! It’s the most difficult decision but my child has allergies. The main reason for vaccinating any rabbit is a fatal disease called Myxomatosis, if an unvaccinated rabbit contracts the disease (usually through mosquitoes) , it is 100% fatal. I can provide a list of veggies he likes and ones … I would like to be the best Flemish Giant owner I can be, and with research and practice be as good with rabbits as I am with other pets. Scratching in rabbits is also known as pruritus. Hi there, i am looking to rehome my rabbit. It frequently causes inflamed and sore areas on the skin.
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