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In Hebrew the word for sin is chatah which means missing the mark. Peace Shalom! The biblical writers used different words to refer to sin in its many forms. Includes an Audio CD that will help you learn the word pictures and hear all the examples. However, regardless of how depraved a human heart may become, Jesus’ death on the cross was sufficient to cover all sin (John 1:29; Romans 5:18). The book that shows how the ancient Hebrew letters declare the Gospel! > םולש Good morning Boker tov > בוט רקוב Good evening Erev tov > בוט ברע Welcome (plural) Bruchim haba’im > םיאבה םיכורב How are you? It is an archer’s term used for missing the target. The Hebrew word for a guilt offering is asham. Chaim Bentorah All Access Hebrew Word Study Your First month is just $0.99! Hebrew word hesed - deliberate choice of affection and kindness 3. Go. Toggle navigation . Ve’ata? Click for details . • The letters Shin שׁ and Sin שׂ are treated as a single letter in Hebrew acrostic poems in the Bible. Use for checking word inflection: complete verb tables, dictionary, search and pronunciation guide. The word in Hebrew for transgressions if pesha’ which is a breach of trust and rebellion.

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500 Basic Hebrew Words. Hebrew Word Pictures by Dr. Frank Seekins. A man who is unfaithful to his wife, did not sin against his wife, but committed a transgression, he betrayed her trust in him, and he rebelled against his marriage vows.

Ma shlomcha (m) / shlomech (f) > ?ךמולש המ Everything is Okay HaKol Be’seder > רדסב לכה And you? Learning Hebrew?

Hebrew word ahab - spontaneous, impulsive love (250 times in OT) 2. Good bye! USEFUL HEBREW WORDS AND PHRASES dictionary English Phrases Hebrew Phrases Hi! Toggle Hebrew keyboard Tilde ~ key: toggle Hebrew keyboard. (m) / V When there was doubt as to whether a person committed a sin, the person would make an asham, rather than a chatat , because bringing a chatat would constitute admission of the sin, and the person would have to be punished for it.

Download the Anki file for 500 Basic Hebrew Words here. Hebrew word raham - to have compassion, brotherly love B. Greek words 1.