Note the 800ft scale, the contour lines, the access routes, the shape of the identified clear cut and the age and acreage of the cut. Grouse & Woodcock Habitat Maps. All State Bird Hunting Bundle Habitat Maps. Science support documents for the existing layers will be added as they are developed. Grouse & Woodcock Habitat Maps. Protection of sage-grouse habitat will also benefit a host of other endangered species which share the same habitat, including burrowing owl, sage thrasher, mountain plover and Sprague’s pipit. This plump grouse has a cocky crest and a tail marked by a broad, dark band near the tip. Renewal: $ 45.00. The year runs from March 2nd through March 1st (like purchasing a hunting license) Renewal: $ 45.00. In The Field Grouse Habitat Maps C reated specifically for the avid grouse hunter Continuously Field tested for over fifteen seasons in the woods of Wisconsin while guiding grouse hunters during some of the worst conditions, these In The Field Ruffed Grouse Habitat Maps have held up great and offer more detailed hunting information than any other topo map available. The original site was a portal for spatial data needed for research and management of sage-grouse and … All State Bird Hunting Bundle Habitat Maps. Being able to have your Grouse Habitat Maps in your GPS … For questions or concerns regarding our greater sage-grouse maps, please e-mail Serena Baker. Mixed-age groves of aspen, spruce, and birch make ideal habitat for Ruffed Grouse in the northern part of their range.

Maps. We will update this area with additional map resources as they become available. Given the availability of digitized forest cover data, various efforts have been made to produce interactive maps of potential ruffed grouse habitat, and to make this information available to the public online. Showing all 12 results. The dappled, grayish or reddish Ruffed Grouse is hard to see, but its “drumming on air” display is a fixture of many spring forests. Renewal: $ 45.00. Habitat The Ruffed Grouse Society creates healthy forest habitat for the benefit of ruffed grouse, American woodcock and other forest wildlife. Being able to have your Grouse Habitat Maps in your GPS makes it easy to identify habitat on the go without having to worry about dealing with a paper map while you hunt. "SAGEMAP - A GIS Database for Sage-grouse and Shrubsteppe Management in the Intermountain West" was a website created to display and provide access to spatial information needed to address management of sage-grouse and sagebrush steppe habitats in the western United States. Please note: Map access expires March 1st. It can come as a surprise to learn this distant sound, like an engine trying to start, comes from a bird at all.