The green tree python, scientific name Morelia virdis, is often confused with the emerald tree boa due the similarity in their sitting position.Both snakes coil around branches in a saddle fashion and rest their heads in the middle. The maternal incubation period is normally 49 or 50 days, and although this may be the most natural method, it does have several drawbacks.

By Bruno Magana. If you are thinking of breeding ball pythons, then you are in for a tough job. They bred successfully in 1986, initiating my full-fledged CHONDROMANIA. I’ve owned quite a few different snakes, which I unfortunately had to let go of over time because of various moves. Just like other python species, female green tree pythons will maternally incubate their eggs. Ball pythons (Python regius) may develop a stronger contrast between their light and dark pattern elements, while female green tree pythons often become pale blue during their reproductive cycle. The "key" to breeding is "change". Most of us will start to drop the temps around the time that the temps start to change naturally outside. Some information related to how to …

They bred successfully in 1986, initiating my full-fledged CHONDROMANIA. If all goes well, the female begins to swell with developing egg follicles, and the male loses interest in her.

In 1983, I bought a pair of baby green tree pythons (from the first clutch produced at the Harford Reptile Breeding Center).

The actual mating season in the wild is not known, though in captivity it can range widely from August to January and tends to be stimulated by the onset of low pressure fronts and storms. Caring for the Green Tree Python.1. Four to six weeks after going off-feed, the female ovulates. I’m looking for a true “blue” green tree Python, preferably female (but not necessarily). Green Tree Python Morelia viridis.

Given below are some more facts. Green tree pythons have a highly seasonal breeding cycle; however, few offspring are encountered in any one year suggesting that these pythons do not breed every year. She begins to refuse food at this time. When you buy a python from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

"You start with a large fortune," advises Rico Walder of Signal Mountain, Tenn. With prices commonly in the $1,000-$5,000 range - and exceptional specimens going for more than $10,000 - these snakes might sound like a gold mine. Green tree pythons normally copulate for four to six weeks. Everything You Should Know About Breeding Ball Pythons. Know how to make a small fortune breeding green tree pythons? This would not be for breeding purposes, just as a display pet. So now I just want to keep one special snake. We have some absolutely stunning captive bred super premium Green Tree Pythons for sale at incredibly low prices. Foreword on the species: Green Tree Pythons - Morelia viridis, are an arboreal species from New Guinea and the North Eastern Rain Forest of Australia.The species ranges through several localities, all with their own unique characteristics that deal in aspects from their coloration, size, and sometimes temperament. Carpet pythons ( Morelia spilota ) may become darker as they approach parturition.

This eye-catching jewel of a reptile is a crowd-pleaser, and reaches adult lengths of 4' to 6' (rarely 7'). MOST of us that have had the luck of breeding Chondros do so in the late fall time when the temps are changing outside for us(at least for us on the East Coast).