If you’re on a multi-lane highway, you can pass a funeral procession slowly on the right when it’s safe. One of the most time-honored funeral traditions is the procession. The Funeral Service. Q. Let’s try to not add anymore tragedy to an already tragic day. Spinner missed his great-grandmother’s burial. What things need to be considered when planning a funeral service? Stat. If you are in a funeral procession the rules are a little easier to understand. Once a time when carriages, people, and sometimes even hired mourners made a slow journey from the home of the deceased to the cemetery, funeral processions have long been a way to exhibit honor and grief at the passing of a loved one. Q. § 811.802 – 812). Q. As a result, R.G. Should the funeral be an intimate or grand affair? Don’t cut off or join a procession. The funeral procession will usually consist of a hearse containing the casket, an escort and the cars of family members and friends of the deceased. If you would like to include a funeral procession in your loved one’s send off, this guide will explain everything you need to know. If You are In a Funeral Procession. Other vehicles may not drive between or join a funeral procession. On June 16, 2014, a Virginia man was pulled over by the police for running a red light while driving in a funeral procession. The number of cars involved in a funeral procession may vary based on the family’s preferences. make a turn at an intersection if the first vehicle in the procession already entered the intersection before the signal changed from green to red. Q. Funeral processions are allowed to pass toll-free through all tollgates (Or. Don’t honk at a funeral procession. Should the family use a minister or a celebrant? The law in my state is that you must not interfere in or travel with the funeral procession in any way, unless you are an emergency vehicle with lights and siren on, or you are directed to do so by a traffic control officer. . Q. . Story continues below advertisement

What is the funeral procession? The escort vehicle may exceed the speed limit by 10 miles per hour and cross the center line of a road. Not the person who posted it, but as I read it, the funeral procession did not have right of way because the first car had not entered into the intersection before the light turned red ("a funeral procession facing a red signal may . It may seem unfair that funeral processions are given more leniency on the roads, but this comes from years and years of tradition when the first funeral processions were done on foot, carrying the casket. In some areas of the United States, motorists in a funeral procession have the right of way, but in Canada, for the most part, the rules of the road prevail. Q. Is there such a thing as funeral etiquette? Pennsylvania. Rev. Funeral Procession Etiquette February 17th, 2012. So if you see a funeral procession, proceed with caution. (B) Excepting public safety vehicles proceeding in accordance with section 4511.45 of the Revised Code or when directed otherwise by a police officer, pedestrians and the operators of all vehicles, street cars, and trackless trolleys shall yield the right of way to each vehicle that is a part of a funeral procession. Funeral procession etiquette Funeral processions can form an important part of a funeral service and can often bring comfort to family and friends saying goodbye to a loved one. Funeral procession etiquette for participants.

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