Having laid an egg in the nest while the parents are unaware, the female cuckoo leaves the intruding chick to hatch. Female Whitethroat or Reed Warbler IGNORING the text on the web page, can someone confirm the ID of this bird please. The female incubates the eggs.

It is made from dry reeds and other water plants woven together and lined with fine dry grass and feathers. Broome» Clarkesdale» Discovery Centre» Eyre» Gluepot» Newhaven» Branches and Locations.

Australian Birdlife.
I have been told by two different very experience birders that it is a female Whitethroat and by the second birder a Reed Warbler. The cuckoo chick pushes all the other eggs and chicks out of the nest so its foster parents can concentrate solely on bringing it … It is a summer visitor to breed in the UK, with the largest concentrations in East Anglia and along the south coast - there are relatively few breeding in Scotland and Ireland. Issue June 2019.

9g, female average 32 g. Relatively large reed-warbler with very long bill, head plumage often dishevelled. It is warm brown above and buff coloured underneath. Reed warblers are common victims of brood-parasitism by cuckoos.

Has pale supercilium and dark eyestripe; cheek olive with lighter feather edgings; neck side and upp
It winters in Africa. The Australian Reed-Warbler builds a deep cup nest with a narrow top opening in among dense reeds.

Visit us. Pitcairn Reed-warbler 17 cm; male 27 g, female 22 g. A large warbler with relatively short bill. Nominate race has yellow supercilium, bla Relatively large reed-warbler with very long bill, head plumage often dishevelled. The reed warbler is a plain unstreaked warbler.

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