You grab your phone, swipe around for a second, and start formulating exactly how you’re going to get yourself out of this. Have you ever lied to get out of something you didn't want to do? You probably didn’t want to see it.

Oh well. In school, did you ever make up an excuse? 15 Good Excuses to Get Out of Something Sometimes, just sometimes, you don’t want to hang out with people. Say you had a filling or a root canal, and that you’re writhing in pain or have been told to consume only liquids for a certain period of time. Loading…. #1 EXCUSE “My *insert pet choice* just threw up, I think I need to stay home and make sure they’re ok.” Actual footage of my cat being sick. Sometimes you can just be direct. Cheat on a test? You can just text “Sorry to do this but it isn’t happening tonight,” and that will be good enough. Anyway enough of my rambles, here are 12 excuses to get out of shit you just bloody well don’t want to do. Do you tend to put off unpleasant jobs? The easiest doctor to blame would be your dentist. Here are some good excuses to get out of things you don't want to go. It might be because you don’t like them as much as they like you, because they’re clingy, because they always give you some responsibility or the other, because you’re just too awkward or tired to do anything but sleep, or because you have anxiety.