They live in Southeast Asia. Draco is a genus of agamid lizards that are sometimes called the flying dragons.The ribs and their connecting membrane can be extended to create a kind of wing. For the tiny Draco lizard (Draco volans), moving among the trees in the jungles of Southeast Asia is an essential task—for escaping danger, attracting mates, and finding meals.Scampering across the forest floor, where predators lurk, can be perilous. David Icke is a human singularity of insanity best known for his "reptoid" conspiracy theory.He came to fame as an English footballer and sports commentator and used to be a spokesman for the Green Party of England and Wales, but since 1991 has devoted his life to informing the world that it's actually secretly controlled by evil shape-shifting lizard-people from the 4th dimension. They can grow up to 8.4 inches long.

They are abundant throughout different continents and have no special conservation status. The full name of this pachycephalosaur, or bone-headed dinosaur, is Dracorex hogwartsia (pronounced DRAY-co-rex hog-WART-see-ah), which is Greek for Dragon King of Hogwarts), and as you might have guessed, there's a story behind this. So over thousands of years, the Draco lizard has taken the ground out of the equation by adapting the capacity for flight. They live in forests, and eat insects.They cannot fly, but often get lift as they glide. The hindlimbs are flattened and wing-like in cross-section, and a small set of flaps on the neck serve as a horizontal stabilizers.. Animal facts-Draco Lizard In this blog post I will be discussing the draco lizard. After it was excavated in 2004, in South Dakota's Hell Creek formation, the partial skull of this dinosaur was donated to the world-renowned … Draco lizards are reptiles and they are a carnivore.

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