A ranked list of the best dogs in the Netflix docuseries Dogs, including Rory, Ice, Max, and more exceptional canines. Dogs is a 2018 American documentary television series which premiered on Netflix. It is impossible not to love Zeus and all of the characters in this … The first season contains six 50–53 minute episodes. The six-part documentary Dogs, which shows the heartwarming relationship dogs and their owners, will air on Netflix from November 16. It was created by Glen Zipper. Each episode, in different locations around the world, examines a facet of life in which dogs and humans interconnect, as well as … Aww, all these pups are the best. Every episode in Dogs is great, but this one inspires on multiple levels! ‘Dogs’ Review: Netflix’s Docuseries Is a Poignant Love Letter to Humanity. The series was released on November 16, 2018. There's a new documentary series coming to Netflix that is going to please dog lovers. Netflix’s ‘Dogs‘ documentary series is here and it’s moving viewers to tears across the world. From a Labrador called Ice who travels with his fisherman owner Alessandro to the story of a young girl with epilepsy as she meets her new service dog, Dogs follows six heartwarming stories from countries all across the world, including the United States, Italy, Syria, Costa Rica and Japan. We Watched the 'Dogs' Netflix Series with Our Dogs We laughed, we cried, we groaned, and our dogs mostly slept From episode three, "Ice on Water," about a … This story is so remarkable and uplifting. The series explores the bond between dogs and humans.

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