Homes, such as above, and buildings are decorated with festive lights for Diwali. Traditional Diwali food includes sweets such as the delicious syrupy gulab jamun balls and other Indian sweets displayed below. If you are Hindu (or among the Jain or Sikh communities who celebrate Diwali), we wish you Happy Diwali and thank you for bringing one of the world's most colorful celebrations to our lives. DIWALI CRAFTS AND ART IDEAS FOR KIDS. Diwali isn’t just celebrated by adults - kids get involved in the fun too!
7. Although it does include some chores, these are important to make a good impression for any family members and to encourage the god of wealth, Lakshmi, to visit. People often think of Diwali as a Hindu festival, but it is also celebrated by Sikhs and Jains . Diwali Decoration at Bangalore Shopping Mall. 1) Diwali is an important religious festival originating in India. The whole family helps out to clean the house, cook food and exchange gifts to celebrate new beginnings. DIWALI PRINTABLES.

Diwali - the Hindu festival of lights - begins on 27 October. Facts about Diwali.

Diwali fireworks are celebrated near homes, in streets and as community events. Floor Rangoli decoration in Gujarat. Phuljhari (sparklers) are popular with some children. Diwali ki shubhkamnaye. Children get small gifts and sweets.

The exact dates change each year but this year, Diwali 2020 falls on Saturday 14 November 2020. Diwali worksheets, coloring and printables. Diwali in EA mall,Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

It is the most popular of all the festivals from South Asia, and is also celebrated by Jains and Sikhs. At Diwali it is tradition to decorate and illuminate the homes, visit the local temple for prayers and share meals with families and friends.
Simple Diwali crafts for kids