Welcome to KELL'S Diamond Doves. These social birds should not be kept alone. Contact (404) 863-7278. Diamond Doves are generally hardy and easy to keep; and they usually breed well in captivity. Mark the first two eggs with a felt tip pen so they can be removed if the hen decides to lay a second clutch in the nest. My name is James Kell and I love raising birds. I am retired so I am able to spend a lot of time on my 100 year-old plantation farm in Georgia where we have an eight acre lake and a one acre pond with great fishing. Welcome to KELL'S Diamond Doves. They should be provided a mate or be placed in a communal flight / aviary with other non-aggressive birds. If the dove refuse to incubate the eggs leave the eggs in the nest box for 14 days and a few more before removing them. diamonddovebreeder. However, Diamond Dove babies grow exceptionally fast and after a baby is a few days old, it is large enough to handfeed, if necessary. Experienced Breeders. About Us. If you have a pair of Diamond Doves (of breeding age) who have been together for some time and show no interest in cuddling, bonding or making a nest; don't jump to the conclusion that they are not compatible.

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