The photos show Hamill — often in costume as Luke — with his wife Marilou … The Crieff-raised actor went on to become known across the world, for his roles in Star Wars films A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, as a close friend of the heroic Luke Skywalker. October 23, 2019 / Jimmy McInerney Star Wars actor Denis Lawson sat down with RFR at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando for a rare interview about his experience starring as Wedge Antilles in the original Star Wars Trilogy and his famous Jedi nephew Ewan McGregor.

Denis Lawson plays John Jarndyce John Jarndyce is a troubled man. Joker Kathleen, 35, from Glasgow, could not resist teasing Denis, 64, about his kissing prowess. Starlog - Denis Lawson Interview and Speeder Bike [Staff] (April 1985) Starlog - Dennis Muren Interview [John Stanley] (February 1991) Starlog - Femi Taylor Interview [Pat Jankiewicz] (September 2001) Starlog - Frank Oz Interview and Carbonite Effect [Staff] (July 1984) Starlog - Gary Kurtz Interview [David Houston] (July 1980)
Facebook. October 23, 2019 / Jimmy McInerney The Original Trilogy Wedge Antilles actor sat down with RFR for a rare interview in this classic interview Star Wars has always been a story about family, and is often shared by families — even behind the scenes.
In a backstage interview with James Arnold Taylor and at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, the legendary Mark Hamill discussed some newly unearthed photos from his family’s own collection.

Denis Stamper Lawson (born 27 September 1947) is a Scottish actor and director. Disc 1: This disc includes episodes: 1 - 5 & Gillian Anderson interview Disc 2: This disc includes episodes: 6 - 10 & Charles Dance Interview Disc 3: The stunning redhead, who plays Lawson’s girlfriend in hit TV police drama New Tricks, had to pucker up to the Local Hero star in every scene. And that's how it is with Denis Lawson. See all photos. Denis Lawson was born on September 27, 1947 in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland as Denis Stamper Lawson... Born: September 27, 1947 Photos.

September 1947 in Crief, Perth and Kinross geboren.

You’ve seen him as rebel alliance fighter pilot, Wedge Antilles, in the original Star Wars trilogy; you might also know him as the uncle of Ewan McGregor. Mark Newbold - February 9, 2020. Denis Lawson: Wedge Antilles Interview "Red 2 Standing By! Interviews; Denis Lawson to Ewan McGregor on doing Star Wars: “Don’t do it, don’t do it’ By. Interviews with Gillian Anderson, Denis Lawson and Charles Dance Commentaries with Writer Andrew Davies, Producer Nigel Stafford-Clark and Directors Justin Chadwick and Susanna White Photo Gallery. Er ist ein schottischer Schauspieler, der in den Filmen Episode IV – Eine neue Hoffnung, Episode V – Das Imperium schlägt zurück und Episode VI – Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter den Rebellen-Piloten Wedge Antilles verkörperte. Denis, 70, who is Trainspotting star Ewan McGregor’s uncle, told a magazine interview: “I got married on a beach in Italy. Email.