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Cruis'n World N64 Moon track: Successfully complete the game on "Cruise The World" mode under the Easy difficulty level. After that sequence the bonus moon track can be accessed following the credits. The bonus moon track may now be accessed after the credits. cruis'n world was the 2nd installment in the cruis'n series. N64 Cheats | PSX Cheats | PSX 2 Cheats | PC Cheats | DC Cheats | Home New & Used N64 Games Cruis'n World Moon Track: Under "easy difficulty", complete the Cruise The World mode. Game File : Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Game Size : 10.1MB Game Console : Nintendo 64 Game Region : USA Game Genre : Racing Game Release Date : Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Credits Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Guides Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Cheats Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Guides Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Trophies Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM Reviews Cruis'n World (USA) N64 ROM … Cruis'n World is an arcade translation and the sequel to one of the first N64 games to hit shelves, Cruis'n USA. You will now see an animation sequence. Downloadable Cruis'n World Cheats.

An animation sequence showing your car being transported to the moon will be displayed. The graphics are nicer (and a lot smoother), the music is actually tolerable this time, and the Championship Mode makes for a nice addition to the game.

Power Level One: Get a minimum of eight points in the championship mode and press C Up … Home: Game Cheats: Nintendo 64: GameShark: Cruis'n World. Cruis'n World N64 Cheats Cruis'n World N64 Moon track: Successfully complete the game on "Cruise The World" mode under the Easy difficulty level. The control is tight, too. Use the Yoshi's Story Keycode. This one took place all over the world. Moon track Successfully complete the game on "Cruise The World" mode under the easy difficulty level. cheat description size; GAMESHARK CODES Nov. 29, 2006 : 1KB: Primary Collection of Cheats. DE2AD400 0000 Enable Code (Must Be On) 812FE5EC 2402 812FE5EE 0001 803C75E7 0064 Unlimited Nitro P1 803C7823 0064 Unlimited Nitro P2 803C716F 0064 Unlimited Nitro P3 813C7678 3C80 Stop Elapsed Time P1 813C78B4 3C80 Stop Elapsed Time P2 …

Welcome to our collection of Cruis´n World, cheats, cheat codes, wallpapers and more for N64 .Visit our dedicated Cruis'n World message board to discuss this game with other members. Email this Page | Printer Friendly Version. Cruis'n World is far from being my favorite N64 racer, but I have to admit, I like it a heck of a tot more than I did the original. This one didn't just take place in the United States like the first one did.

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