Crimean Tatars fear the Kremlin, after annexation, is chipping away at identity of the 250,000-strong Muslim ethnicity. Within the limits of the project "National revival" on March, 24th, 2010, in Simferopol will take place The Crimean-Tatar Culture Day. Real Crimean manty (meat-stuffed steamed dumplings), chak-chak, kubite, sarma, burma and many other pleasures of the table with long forgotten taste for most Ukrainians (for they didn’t have a chance to eat them since Crimean peninsula was occupied by Russia) were offered to every guest of Crimean Tatar Culture Day, held at Kyiv Islamic Cultural Centre on January 30. Welcome to our site! This is visible in the Sheckiev household pictured here, where multiple generations cohabitate. Instead, these artists have been working only to ensure that Crimean Tatar culture survives, something Moscow doesn’t want. See more ideas about Crimean tatars, Handmade clothes, Traditional crafts. People hold Crimean Tatar flags at a rally near the parliament building in Simferopol on February 26, 2014. Crimean Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group that formed in the Crimean Peninsula in the 13th-17th centuries. The Crimean Tatars of Crimea are the second largest Tatar group in Russia. The ruling dynasty in Crimea was House of Giray (Guirey), founded by the first khan Hacı I Giray. For most of its history it was an ally of the Ottoman Empire. The idea of the site is to acquaint the reading, hearing and watching audience with the Crimean Tatar culture. In the run-up to the Crimean status referendum held in March 2014, the Mejlis leaders were spreading rumours among the Crimean Tatars that they would be threatened with deportation if Crimea became part of Russia. Crimean Tatar theatre starts tour in Crimean countryside. The value accorded to seniors, Crimean Tatars suggest, is evident in the practice of keeping them at home, rather than placing them in nursing homes where they will be cared for by others. Exhibition to outstanding armourer A. Qalafat’s memory is opened in Simferopil. The action is carried out by the Crimean-Tatar Social Organization "Amel" with assistance of the all-Ukraine Association of Social Organizations "Аlraid".

Medicine. The sacking of Bilyal Bilyalov as head of the Crimean Tatar Academic Musical-Dramatic Theater this week on trumped up charges is just the latest move by the Russian occupation forces to undermine and ultimately destroy the history and culture of the Crimean Tatar nation, Zair Smedlyayev says.. Sep 10, 2015 - There are only about 2 millions of Crimean Tatars in the world, and about 300 thousands of them live in Ukraine. Is Russia attempting to erase Crimean Muslim culture? Crimean Tatars use their traditional clothing for festivals, weddings and other events.